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Rockstar games announced today that is is launching a new version of their Social Club. The new Social Club lets you link your Facebook and Twitter accounts but it sounds like its becoming a version of Facebook in itself . The new Social Club includes profile pages which let you post status updates, display your recent stats and accomplishments across Rockstar's games, add friends, send direct messages and posts to their friends, and easily set up multiplayer sessions. 

Whether people like to admit it or not, Facebook and Twitter are huge when it comes to social networking and adding these features to a game is a great thing. Id love to see more games use these features. 

Check out the full press release for all the news on the updates. 

Introducing the All-New Rockstar Games Social Club

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of a brand new version of the Rockstar Games Social Club website with new features designed to let fans make their mark as a member of the Rockstar community, and better integrate Social Club activity with modern social media.

The new launch includes custom personal Social Club user profiles, an all-new Friends system with public and direct messaging, the ability to link in and login with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, Newswire activity and reply notifications and much more - plus coming this Wednesday will be the additional launch of Social Club CREWS where members will be able to register, create and rally Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Crews ahead of time.

Social Club Profile Pages

• SOCIAL CLUB PROFILE PAGE – Personalize Social Club profile pages, complete with status updates, a display of recent stats and accomplishments across linked Social Club enabled games, and proper Friend linking with a Wall that updates Social Club activity and lets members cheer and jeer their friends at Social Club, as well as easily plan multiplayer sessions.

• USER ACTIVITY FEEDS – Keep tabs on the latest accomplishments via a real-time activity feed. With the release of Max Payne 3, Friends will know each time a Trophy/Achievement has been unlocked, throw down the gauntlet for a multiplayer session, or see when a friend has added a new soldier to their CREW (Wednesday).

• ADD FRIENDS – Search and add Friends that are current Social Club members and also find, import and invite contacts from Facebook, Twitter and gaming accounts.

• LINK IN & LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK OR TWITTER – Link in and display profiles from Facebook and Twitter (as well as PlayStation Network IDs and XBL Gamertags) direct to personal pages and starting Wednesday, Social Club activity will post directly to those networks. For new members, we’ve enabled Social Club account creation (and sign-in for existing members) using Facebook or Twitter username and passwords.  
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