Rock on with Lost

by: Jeremy -
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After 6 long years, Lost is over. For those who didn’t see the finale, let me recap: Jack got thrown into the light this time and instead of turning into the black smoke monster, he became the light smoke monster. Rather than racing across the island leaving a path of death and destruction, he leaves a trail of rainbows and unicorns. Just kidding, of course, but regardless the show is over.

Lost fans and gamers will be getting at least one parting gift from the show though as two songs from the Lost universe will soon be showing up on the Rock Band 2 Network. Gamers and Losties alike can soon rock out to Geronimo Jackson’s “Dharma Girl” and Driveshaft’s “You All Everybody”. The tracks will definitely be showing up on the 360 and likely be ported to the PS3 and Wii based on their popularity. Now if only they would give everyone who buys them Driveshaft rings like Charlie... then I would be all in on the deal...

Source: G4
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