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ATLUS and ACE Team have announced that their tower offense game Rock Of Ages is now available on the Playstation Network and is also free for a limited time for Playstation Plus subscribers.

Released last year for Xbox Live Arcade and the PC, Rock of Ages on the Playstation network will boast a variety of brand new features including the new "Obstacle Course." In the Obstacle Course you and a friend either local, online or an AI opponent will have to traverse your way through stages of randomly placed objects.

Also new is an enhanced version of "War" mode including new explosive defenses, boulder skins and other tweaks and refinements

It should be noted that these new features are currently exclusive to the console version but things could change in the future

Check out the press release below for full details! 


Discover a new "Obstacle Course" mode, an enhanced "War" mode,
a new defensive tactic for explosives, additional boulder skins, and more!
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- MAY 16, 2012 -- ATLUS and ACE Team today announced that Rock of Ages™, their balls-to-the-walls game of tower offense featuring fast-paced strategy, high art, and gigantic boulders of doom, is now available in North America on PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The game, which previously released late last year for Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC via Steam, releases on PlayStation Network with a host of added features and content. Also, as a special treat for North American PlayStation®Plus subscribers, Rock of Ages will be available for free for a limited time!

A new game mode, "Obstacle Course," challenges players to compete head-to-head with a friend (local or online) or an AI opponent to navigate a stage full of randomly placed defenses. The player to cross the finish line first wins, although the inclusion of boulder power-ups that can be acquired along the way offers an element of excitement and unpredictability that's sure to satisfy existing fans and newcomers alike. An enhanced version of the classic "War" mode allows players to utilize defensive units that would otherwise be locked away and inaccessible given the stage and its time period. There is also a new tactical wrinkle for explosive defenses, added boulder skins to enjoy, and a wealth of tweaks and refinements. The new features and content in the PlayStation Network release of Rock of Ages are currently exclusive to the console, although that may change at a later date.

Hailed as "a must-have download" by GamePro, Rock of Ages is a treat for the eyes, ears, and mind. As players progress through nearly two dozen stages of crushing action, rewarding strategy, and breathtaking visuals, they'll be toured through five distinct periods of classic art history, encountering an assortment of famous historical and literary characters, outlandish and inspired defensive units, and fantastical bosses therein. The blend of genres and visual elements is so unlike anything else, the overall experience so unprecedented, that Joystiq deemed Rock of Ages "worth playing for the sense of disbelief that results."

Rock of Ages is now available on PlayStation Network for PS3 system in North America. It was also previously released on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 system and PC via Steam. For more information, please visit 

About Rock of Ages
 A rock-solid combination of deep strategy, rock-rolling action, and captivating art and music from throughout history! Two castles stand opposed, bridged by an uneven, narrow pathway. One is yours, and you're quite fond of it. See how the parapets catch the sunlight ever so stylishly? The other is your enemy's; they're a jerk, and their crappy crenellations are driving down your property values. Also, their castle sucks, justification enough to try crush it using an enormous rolling stone. Unfortunately, they'll have a chance to plan and build up some security, doing everything they can to derail your razing rock. Get through their defenses and you're one step closer to crushing their unsightly tower (see also: their hopes and dreams). But don't take your turn for granite. Once your turn is over, your opponent's begins...

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