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Over the next few days, the Rock Band Network will be growing by several tracks from a cross-section of music genres for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Today, seven tracks from up and coming bands in Metal, Rock, Pop-Rock, Prog and Reggae will drop for the Xbox 360. Prices are 80 MS Pts to 160 MS Pts. Next week on Tuesday, 3/6, the PS3 will get five other tracks across the Metal, Novelty and Alternative genres, all priced at $1.99.

I personally haven’t heard of any of these bands before, but that is the whole point of the RBN, to allow these up and comers to expose their music to the masses. So whether you know of them or not, here are the releases coming our way:

Xbox 360 RBN Releases for Thursday, 3/1/2012
Engel - "Sense the Fire (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP) - Metal
The Faceless - "XenoChrist" (160 MSP) - Metal
Swound! - "In My Head" (80 MSP) – Pop-Rock
Gatling - "Absolute" (80 MSP) - Prog
Sunny Side Up - "Corporate Control" (80 MSP) – Reggae/Ska
Jerry Naylor - "Mystery Train" (160 MSP) - Rock
The Trews - "Hope & Ruin" (80 MSP) - Rock

PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday, 3/6/2012 (North America) and Wednesday, 3/7/2012 (Europe)
Devin Townsend - "Hyperdrive" ($1.99) - Metal
Amberian Dawn - "Blackbird" ($1.99) - Metal
Alestorm - "Shipwrecked" ($1.99) - Metal
Lemon Demon - "BRODYQUEST" ($1.99) - Novelty
Wrong Side of Dawn - "The Grinder's Tale" ($1.99) - Alternative

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