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Rock Band DLC: The "Wasn't That Song in Kill Bill" Edition

by: Cyril -
More On: Rock Band 2
Last week Harmonix announced the triumphant debut of Alice Cooper, Wayne Campbell's favorite band.  This week it looks like Harmonix is back with one of the most diverse weeks on record, one that has us going from the 1960s to the 1990s to current day.  Not only is it a crazy week full of conflicting musical styles, but it's also going to be an expensive week for me, that's for sure.  We start out this week with the announcement of a Ministry 3-pack, including mostly new songs (boo).  Fans of the industrial metal outfit will be happy to know that we get "The Great Satan" and "LiesLiesLies," along with the horribly spelled "Cuz U R Next," which is from their most recent album.  This pack will be available next Tuesday for $5.49 (or 440 Microsoft Points).  As always you can buy these songs individually for $2 each (or 160 Microsoft Points).

Next up we have The Zombies with their first single, the addictive (and short) "She's Not There."  Not sure you know the song?  If you've made it through all of Kill Bill Vol. 2, then you have definitely heard this 2 minute song (if you still don't believe me, hit the jump and check out the video for yourself). Joining "She's Not There" is "Tell Her No," which is equally short (but not as successful).  Both songs will be available individually (sorry, no reduced price for buying them together).  Rounding out next week's Rock Band DLC is "Linger" from Irish rockers, The Cranberries.  If you're not a fan of heavy industrial rock or 1960s pop, then Dolores O'Riordan and group may be the perfect middle ground.  I have a hunch I'll be picking all of these songs up next Tuesday.  As always, hit the jump and hear these songs for yourself.

NOTE: Who knew that finding Ministry videos would be so difficult?  You would be shocked at how many Ministry songs have been used in politicially motivated YouTube videos.  I did my best to let the songs speak for themselves, even though there were much more interesting (and inappropriate) videos available.

Ministry Pack 01:
  • Ministry - "Cuz U R Next"
  • Ministry - "LiesLiesLies"
  • Ministry - "The Great Satan"
Individual Tracks:
  • The Zombies - "She's Not There"
  • The Zombies - "Tell Her No"
  • The Cranberries - "Linger"