Rock Band DLC: The "Pearl Jam Surprise" Edition

by: Cyril -
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In two hours Harmonix will be uploading a new batch of downloadable content for their Rock Band games.  But this week is different than most.  Generally I type up my little thoughts about the new DLC that was announced on Friday and then I'm done with it.  But not this week.  Because this week Harmonix has decided to surprise everybody was a few extra Pearl Jam songs.  And since that's the package I'll be picking up first, I figure we'll start with the surprise announcement.

Fans of the Seattle-based grunge band will no doubt remember the March release of Ten in Rock Band.  While the idea of the rest the band's debut album, those who did a little digging found that they could get even more Rock Band content by picking up the expensive Ten deluxe pack.  This Best Buy exclusive retailed for (no joke) $200 and allowed you to download three additional songs for Rock Band.  Frugal gamers who opted against this package are in luck, because three months later Harmonix is uploading all three songs in the Pearl Jam Ten Bonus Pack.  The songs include "Brother" (a B-side from the Ten album), Alive (Live) and State of Love and Trust (Live) ... which is best known as the Pearl Jam song from the Singles soundtrack.  This three-pack will retail for about $195 cheaper than they did three months ago.  Score.

Not a fan of grunge era Seattle?  Then maybe Maroon 5 is more your speed.  If so, then expect "Little of Your Time", "Makes Me Wonder" and "Wake Up Call".  All from the band's 2007 hit album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long.  I'm sure there are a lot of people excited about this, but after listening to the YouTube videos I can tell you right now that I'm not paying the $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points) for this collection.

Finally there's the Warped Tour Pack, which features five of the travelling concert's punk acts.  These tracks include "The Downfall of Us All" by A Day to Remember, Bad Religion's "21st Century Digital Boy", "Chiodos' "I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I was a Wizard", "The Flood" from Escape the Fate and Underoth's Reinventing Your Exit".  This package clocks in at $8.49 (or 680 Microsoft Points).  It definitely sounds like there's a lot of diversity this week, let's hope this continues all the way through the year.
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