Rock Band DLC: The "Franz Ferdinand Strikes Back" Edition

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Last week rock star wannabes were able to play through one of the greatest albums of all time, Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking.  Outside of a few minor censorship issues (like the brand new cover), the album was a lot of fun.  So, how does Harmonix follow up this masterpiece?  By throwing just about everything else at the wall and hoping that something sticks, that's how.  Talk about a crazy mix of new, old, obscure and well-known.  If you're a fan of Rock Band, then chances are you'll have at least one song that tickles your fancy this week.

We start with a three-pack from the Scottish quartet, Franz Ferdinand.  We get their biggest hit, "Take Me Out," along with "Do You Want To," both from their self-titled album.  On top of that, we get "Lucid Dreams" from the band's newest album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.  All three songs can be yours for $5.49 (or 440 Microsoft Points) or $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) individually.

Up next we have two songs (but not a two-pack) from The Allmand Brothers Band, both of which are better than their one and only song in Rock Band 2.  Fans of the band will be happy to know that both "Blue Sky" and "Midnight Rider" will be available.  While these songs are solid, I have a hunch that a lot of Allmand Brothers Band fans are really waiting for Whipping Post and Mountain Jam.  Hopefully those show up sooner than later.  Unfortunately these two songs are only available individually.

The final group of songs isn't really a group at all, it's just a random selection of songs.  We get Alien Ant Farm's punky version of the Michael Jackson hit "Smooth Criminal."  We get both "Idealistic Types" and "The Banishment" from Prong.  There's "Drain the Blood" by The Distillers.  And last, but not least, is one of my favorite songs from Luscious Jackson, "Naked Eye."  As usual, the songs will be $1.99 individually and made available Tuesday morning (or Thursday if you're rockin' the PlayStation 3).  Feel free to hit the jump and watch the various music videos.

The Franz Ferdinand 3-Pack
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To"
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Lucid Dreams"
Rock Band DLC - Week of May 5, 2009
  • Alien Ant Farm - "Smooth Criminal"
  • The Allmand Brothers Band - "Blue Sky"
  • The Allmand Brothers Band - "Midnight Rider"
  • The Distillers - "Drain the Blood"
  • Luscious Jackson - "Naked Eye"
  • Prong - "Idealistic Types"
  • Prong - "The Banishment"

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