Rock Band DLC: The "Accidents Will Happen" Edition

by: Cyril -
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aWhen we last checked in with Rock Band, the guys from Harmonix were throwing a bunch of different bands (Luscious Jackson, Franz Ferdinand, Allman Brother Band, etc.) at the wall and hoping a few would stick.  It looks like they're doing exactly the same thing this week.  Fans of fake plastic rockin' are in for a treat, as Social Distortion, Steely Dan, Disturbed, Elvis Costello and The Replacements join the already robust Rock Band Music Store.  Look for these bands next week (starting on Tuesday, if you're an Xbox 360 owner).

Up first we have a three-pack from influential punk rockers, Social Distortion.  While they were already featured in Rock Band 2, this three-pack features some of Social D's most popular songs.  I'm talking about "Story of My Life," "Ring of Fire" (yes, a cover of the Johnny Cash classic) and "Bad Luck."  This Social D three-pack will run you $5.49 (or 440 Microsoft Points).  And, as always, you can buy the tracks individually for $2 (160 Microsoft Points).

Steely Dan also makes the cut, with two old school classics.  We get both "Black Friday" and "My Old School," which feel like perfect fits for Rock Band.  There are also two tracks from Disturbed, "Stupify" and "Black Friday."  Unfortunately, neither Steely Dan nor Disturbed have two-pack deals, so you'll have to buy these tracks individually if you want them.  The same goes for Elvis Costello's song ("Radio Radio") and the song from The Replacements ("Kids Don't Follow").  As always, these songs will be available starting on Tuesday on the Xbox 360 and Thursday on the PlayStation 3 (no word on when any of this hits the Wii).  After the jump you will find videos for most of this week's songs.

  • Social Distortion - "Bad Luck"
  • Social Distortion - "Ring of Fire"
  • Social Distortion - "Story of My Life"
  • Steely Dan - "Black Friday"
  • Steely Dan - "My Old School"
  • Disturbed - "Stricken"
  • Disturbed - "Stupify"
  • Elvis Costello - "Radio Radio"
  • The Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow"

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