Robot Unicorn Attack gets an upgrade.

by: Sean Cahill -
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If you've never made your way over to Adult Swim's site full of flash games, you'll find some interesting titles.  However, the most popular of them all is a rather unique one called Robot Unicorn Attack.  There have been more than a few versions released of this wildly popular game, including the original, metal, and Christmas versions.  Now, in RUA: Evolution, you will not just be playing as a unicorn.  Go check it out yourself as your game changes environments and characters in real time.

Robot Unicorn Attack: it’s more than a game, it’s a phenomenon.  To the tune of Always, It has floated through pop culture on the wings of butterflies. Last year, the original game had more than 14 million game plays on and more than 99 million game plays on Facebook. The iOS app reached the number six spot for paid apps and was a top five paid game app.
You may ask, “How do we improve upon perfection?”  Well, in Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution, we have figured it out. And the answer is “more.” More everything. More environments, challenges and points - and most importantly, more robot animals. You know you’ve fantasized about being a robot panda trailing a rainbow as you fly through fields of bamboo. Now through the power of the internet, we’ve made that dream a reality.
Over time all things must evolve to survive, even robot unicorns.  Smash stars to create combos that allow you to evolve, earn more points, and frolic through a multitude of environments.  You have only three wishes to reach the pinnacle of robot evolution, the dragon, and to fulfill your dreams of a high score.  Use them wisely.  Try the Facebook version of Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution for special power ups, daily challenges, and a unique evolution.
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