Robo Hobo makes his debut in Super Monday Night Combat Rule Change 24

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Time to break it down on the dance floor as Robo Hobo makes his debut in the Super Monday NIght Combat arena. Robo Hobo is a hip-hoppin robot with skills such as throwing out a radio that plays soft music and slows enemies and bots down, a knock back attack and the ability to send out mini bots to attack other players. 

Robo Hobo will cost you $10 or 11250 CC or combat credits

Uber has also added in over 100 new GG Stack and Chip Valvano announcer lines as well as a new Question and Answer session featuring actual questions with fans via twitter which will be played in game.

The free pro rotation this week is Assault, Cheston, Combat Girl, Leo, Tank and Wascot 

Check out all the other bug fixes, buffs and nerfs in the official patch notes below

Free Pro Rotation: Assault, Cheston, Combat Girl, Leo, Tank, Wascot

Chip: Are you pumped? I just did 24 Rule Changes, I'm totally jacked!

New Pro Week! Robo Hobo is now available for play! Check out his bio page for skill and weapon descriptions.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

New Rules
Made Robo Hobo playable and purchasable.
Bouncing on a non-standable wall now disables air control for a short time.
Added the ability to purchase turrets via hotkeys.
Moneyballs will no longer take damage from any source if there are two base turrets nearby.
Disconnecting and reconnecting no longer resets your respawn timer.
Added over 100 new GG Stack and Chip Valvano lines.
Added new voice of GG Stack's Question and Answer with the fans via our Twitter feed.
Added more music to the main menu music rotation.

Bug Fixes
Fixed some instances of skills not replicating properly upon spawn, forcing the player to die before they would work.
Fixed some instances of Jackbots getting permanently stuck.
Fixed the Endorsements list getting clipped.
Fixed the level up effect being brighter than intended.
Fixed the Annihilator from sometimes going off for much longer than intended.
Fixed Buzzers damaging players after they are shot and destroyed.

Downtown Spunky
Fixed a glass wall that allowed players to stand on it when they should not be able to.

Skewer: Fixed sometimes getting multiple full power zoomed shots in one charge.

Assault Rifle: Damage done via ADS (Aim Down Sights) is now listed as "Assault Rifle ADS" in the death recap screen.

Gun Flurry: Damage: 12/17/22/27 -> 14/19/24/29

Robo Hobo
Robo Hobo made available
Fixed typo in Robo Hobo's Bio
New Uniform: Blitz
New Weapon: Blitz Sound Wave I
New Weapon: Blitz Bass Blaster I
New Taunt: Well Attended
New Taunt: Flare
New Taunt: Transform
New Taunt: Action Hero
New Taunt: Head Spin
New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
New Taunt: Say Something

Shotgun: Min Damage: 30 -> 90

Combat Credit cost reduced.
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