Road to NHL 13

by: Nathaniel -
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Who knew that hockey had an equivalent to soccer's panna?  

In the following video, you can clearly see a player slide the puck around a defender, then pick it back up once he's past him.  It's a small step to go from "around the defender" to "between the defenders legs."  And bam - the hockey panna becomes a thing I didn't know existed until today.  

And apparently, thanks to EA Sport's innovative skill stick introduced in NHL 07, you can pull it off on you favorite videogame console in every version since up, to and including the not-yet-released NHL 13.

However, now EA is teasing the next big innovation in virtual ice hockey.  What is it?  I don't know.  They haven't told anyone yet.  You'll just have to check back for part 2 of Road to NHL 13 on Wednesday and part 3 on Friday.   

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