Richard Garriot's spiritual successor to Ultima

by: John -
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It's been a while since Richard Garriot developed a game. His last venture, Tabula Rasa, didn't turn out so well, but he's trying for something that's a little more familiar to him.

Meet Shroud of the Avatar, Garriot's RPG that's going through the Kickstarter route right now. With a $1 million goal and already at $700,000 of it with 27 days to go, it looks like we'll be getting Richard's next foray into RPG.

The MMO, with an offline single player mode, tries to offer up new things to the RPG area. You aren't locked into a class so it's dependent on how you play. You don't even have to go adventuring if you don't wish to. For some, they enjoy the town life and you're welcome to experiencing that in Shroud of the Avatar.

Another cool aspect is that there are going to be some real world items. What I mean is way back when, games came with some cool stuff like cloth maps and trinkets. Shroud of the Avatar will do that as well although it's too bad you have to pit in $125 to do so.

The beta's expected in early December so if you're dying to get back into a Richard Garriot led RPG, now's your chance.

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