Richard Garriot is now $28 million richer

by: John -
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And all he had to do was sue NC Soft. It seems that parting with the company wasn't his idea as NC Soft originally stated. While he was originally seeking $47 million, the $28 million covers the profit he lost out by selling his shares of the company quickly rather than having 10 years to do so if he were fired. Garriot said that he was in quarantine in Russia after his trip to the stars when an exec from NC Soft called to tell him he was being let go.

NC Soft is looking into their next steps but I'm guessing they won't be releasing the $28 million to Garriot that easily. It was disappointing to see Tabula Rasa not be a very successful game after all the hype surrounding it though and the love I have for Ultima. You can't win them all though but Garriot looks like he won enough for another trip to space.
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