Rhythm Thief demo released - impressions

by: Russell -
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I was checking out yesterday's additions to the 3DS eShop today and noticed that a demo was released for Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure.  I've been reading a bit about this game and was thinking of picking it up when it launches in a couple weeks, so I decided to try out the demo.

Basically, if you've played Elite Beat Agents on the DS, then you have the basic idea.  The demo has three stages you can play: Showtime, Looting the Louvre, and Battle Diabolique, each with a different playstyle or sorts.  For Showtime, you have to slide the stylus in a specific direction as shown on screen in time to the music.  The way this is done is very similar to Elite Beat Agents, so again if you've played that, this part should be a cake walk.  In Looting the Louvre, you have to tap a certain colored square on the touch screen again in time to the music.  However, the color you tap depends on what colored statue the character (known as Phantom R) runs past (he strikes the same pose as the statue since he's hiding from security guards).  FInally, Battle Diabolique has you fighting off enemies...in time to music.  This time though, you use the D-Pad if an enemy attacks from the left side, and the A button if they attack from the right.

It's pretty simple, but kind of fun.  It you like games like Elite Beat Agents, you might want to give the demo a try.  However, if you weren't fond of that game or others like it, you may not get too into this one.
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