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Revenge of the Wounded Dragons on PSN

by: Tina -
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You don’t have to have earned a black belt to practice Kung-Fu – just really dexterous. Sony Online Entertainment is launching Revenge of the Wounded Dragons, a side-scrolling battle through Hong Kong.

The game features a single player story mode with four chapters of six adventures each. Your ultimate goal as an honorable Kung-Fu master is to rescue your sister and simultaneously avenge your grandfather’s death from the hands of the local mob boss. You also have the option to partake in co-op, or versus mode.

The game is scheduled for release tomorrow at the PlayStation Store for the modest price of $9.99.

Sony Online Entertainment Launches Revenge of the Wounded Dragons, by Artificial Mind & Movement, for the PlayStation®Network

WHAT: Come out with fists blazing in a high-energy Kung-Fu style game as Revenge of the Wounded Dragons arrives on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. In a battle of skill, players will use Kung-Fu moves to navigate through a side-scrolling Hong Kong-style action world.

ABOUT REVENGE OF THE WOUNDED DRAGONS: In true Kung-Fu fashion, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons players have two goals: avenge their grandfather’s death and rescue their sister from the local mafia boss. To achieve this, fighters can grab objects and weapons to defeat oncoming waves of enemies, and stun them with grasshopper kicks, fiery elbows or exploding fist moves. Users can play in single player mode or try special cooperative moves with a friend.


* Single player story mode includes four chapters (Village, Forest, Red District, Monastery) with six adventure areas in each chapter
* Unique boss fights at the end of every level
* Four minigame levels with additional unlockable levels (Lanterns, Labyrinth, Chicken Hunt, and PvP)
* 12 unique PlayStation®Network trophies
* Animated comic storytelling between levels
* Leaderboard updates
* Ability to personalize soundtracks and relive the game by taking screens through the XMB

ESRB Rating: Teen with Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes and Violence.

WHEN: Revenge of the Wounded Dragons is scheduled to be available for purchase December 10th from the PlayStation®Store for $9.99 (plus applicable taxes).