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If you've given up on The Lords of the Rings Online then Turbine wants you back and to help convince you they are worth the monthly fee they are having a free weekend of play for all previous subscribers.  Starting tomorrow (May 8th) and running through Monday (May 12th) previous subscribers will be able to hop back on and check out all the new content in the game.  

I have to wonder how effective these schemes are.  I was big into City of Heroes for a while before I gave up on the game after getting into way too much XP debt.  I re-installed and re-played the game during one of NC Soft's free weekends and while I enjoyed the experience I managed to sink my main character even further into XP debt and swore off the game for good.  What do you think?  Would a free weekend of a play ever entice you to re-install and re-play a MMO that you've given up on?

Turbine continues the first anniversary celebration of the award-winning The Lord of the Rings Online with a “Welcome Back Weekend”.  Starting Thursday, May 8th until Monday, May 12th Turbine invites all former North American subscribers back to Middle-earth to play for free.

Former subscribers can play their old characters, check out the LOTRO Anniversary celebration events, explore new areas, and tackle new quests. To take part in the Welcome Back Weekend, players can simply log into their LOTRO account from May 8-12, 2008.

Some of the updates & enhancements to The Lord of the Rings Online since launch include:

  • New Region - Explore the icy reaches of Forochel
  • New Quests - Over 100 new quests
  • Hobby System - Feel like going fishing?
  • Enhanced Monsterplay - New monster class: the Orc Defiler
  • Looking For Fellowship Enhancements - Mustering Horns and UI improvements
  • More customization options - cosmetic clothing, traveling clothes, and barbershops!
  • New PvMP dungeon - The Delving of Frór
  • Return to Angmar - completely overhauled to enhance playability and fun
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