Retailer leaks Akuma for MvC3

by: Jeremy -
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I know, BIG surprise... right?

Most of us knew that this was already a foregone conclusion, but Akuma is now as good as official for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster. There have been numerous leaks of his inclusion over the past month, most of which I have chosen to ignore simply because I didn’t want to promote or support the “source” of the leak (didn’t agree with it at all).

British retailer ShopTo has posted a series of character art for the upcoming game which features Akuma. While most gamers will likely let out a sigh with the thought that it is just another Ryu clone, I for one have been a huge fan of Akuma in all of his fighting game appearances and look forward to seeing what changes are brought to him in this new iteration.

Andriasang has also posted a translation of the latest developer blog from the Japanese MvC3 site which mentions that more characters are expected to be announced next week. While I would like to know the roster before launch, there is a still a little part of me that hopes that there are some surprises in store when the game launches next month.

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