Renegade Kid wants support for Dementium 3D

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: Dementium II
Did any of you play the two Dementium games on DS? They were great, really solid horror titles, probably the only time a portable game has scared the hell out of me. Well now their developer, Renegade Kid, wants fans to let Southpeak Interactive know that they'd support a third installment for the 3DS. Just send Southpeak an email, politely asking them to back Renegade Kid on Dementium 3D.

Along with n-Space, Renegade Kid was probably the most technologically savvy third party developer working on the DS, creating the aforementioned Dementium titles and the highly underrated FPS Moon. These are the people we want making games for the 3DS, loyal readers. These are the people that will make the handheld really take off.
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