Reminder: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is the Xbox LIVE Arcade Deal of the Week!

by: Peter Skeritt -
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Fellow Xbox 360 owners, lend us your ears!

If you somehow have not yet pulled the trigger on one of last year's best Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, now is the time to do so as Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is now on sale for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). This follow up to Namco's 2007 Pac-Man Championship Edition release is more than a simple sequel. The additions of bombs to escape from sticky situations with ghosts and lengthy ghost trains for potentially huge points are just two of the highlights that this title has to offer. There are new mazes, fully functional leaderboards, and new modes of play to be experienced as well. 

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX  is fun, addictive, and has a focus on scoring big points. Sure, players can expect to make a few mistakes and run into some ghosts here and there, but recognizing patterns and having some quick reflexes are more important keys to the game. 

Stop procrastinating and see just how much fun $5 can get you. We'll see you on the leaderboards. 
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