Remember Me, Antoine's journal, and Devinsupertramp energy drink

by: Nathaniel -
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Remember Me is set in a pretty scary sounding time and place - cyber-Paris, 2084.  Memories are bought and sold, and the giant corporation called Memorize has gained control of 99% of them.  That sounds scary to me.  Is a person still a person if they no longer own their own memories?  And any corporation owning 99% of anything is eyebrow-raising.  An obviously evil videogame corporation owning 99% of something means they must have learned how to use it to control society.  Scary scary scary.

If you're interested in the backstory of the whole "owning memories" racket, then check out Antoine's Journal.  Antoine Cartier-Wells is the man that developed the Sensen engine that first allowed the storing, and subsequent buying, selling, and trading of memories.

If you just want a smile put on your face, then the following video should be just what the doctor ordered.  Produced by Devin SuperTramp, the short film offers more insight into Antoine Cartier-Wells and his motivation to create the next generation of social networking.  Don't ask me how NERF gun battles and extreme dog washing accomplish that.

Remember Me comes out on June 4 in North America and June 7 in Europe.  
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