Redbox to begin videogame rentals

by: Nathaniel -
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Have you all seen those giant boxes at your local grocery store, or WalMart; you know, the ones that let you rent movies for a dollar per DVD?  Wouldn't it be great if you could rent games on the cheap like that?

Well now it looks like you'll be able to.  According to what I read on, Redbox, purveyors of big red kiosks in the lobby of the place where you buy snacks at midnight and dirt cheap DVD and Blu-ray rentals, are officially entering the videogame rental market.  Games will go for $2.00 per day which is more than a bit cheaper than any brick-and-mortal rental store.  If you ask me that is far more reasonable than Blockbuster's $8.99 per game for five days, and "Netflix but with videogames" service Gamefly's $22.95 per month for 2 games at once. 

The program will begin at more than 21,000 locations nationwide starting June 17.
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