Redbox Instant streaming now on Xbox 360 for Beta users

by: Dan -
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Just last week, we brought you news that the Redbox Instant Streaming would soon be coming to the Xbox 360 for those in the Beta.  Well, “coming soon” apparently meant one week, as notice went out to Beta users today that the Xbox 360 app is now available. 
I downloaded it and took a little time to troll through app and was pleasantly surprised.  It is laid out almost identically to the tile system that the current Xbox 360 dashboard is using.  So while the streaming video selections may not be up to par with what Netflix currently has, the app itself is much easier to navigate and work with. 
A couple of other notes:
  • It also not only has the streaming capabilities, but the same Kiosk features you can get from the iOS app and online with your computer.
  • One benefit, albeit temporarily, is that to use the Redbox Instant Streaming you do not need an Xbox Live Gold membership for now.  While perusing the terms and conditions, it clearly states that an Xbox Live Gold membership is required, so enjoy this benefit while it lasts.
  • It also is being touted as Kinect enabled, although I didn’t have my Kinect camera hooked up to the Xbox I am using for the beta.
For those of you in the beta, enjoy the new addition.  For those thinking of joining, it appears that anyone can get in if you give them and e-mail and are willing to sign up for the one-month free service and four free DVD rentals.  You just need to give them a credit card, and it will auto renew after a month at the $8 if you do not cancel the account.

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