Red/black DS no longer a bundle

by: Sean Colleli -
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That sexy crimson and black DS that came packed with Brain Age 2?  It's too hot to be held down by Brain Age.  Now you can get the Crimson/Onyx model al by itself, for the standard price of $129.99.  I'm still happy with my pure black DS Lite, but that new one sure is tempting.
Nintendo Goes Fashion Forward with New Crimson/Onyx Nintendo DS
Playing the new two-tone Crimson/Onyx Nintendo DS™ is sure to get you noticed.
Just like the hottest new cell phones and MP3 players, it combines incredible
functionality with a sweet look: bright red coupled with smooth black.
The new Crimson/Onyx system is now available in stores at an MSRP of $129.99.
Previously it could only be purchased as part of a bundle with Brain Age™ 2:
More Training in Minutes a Day. It’s the latest addition to the color palette
for Nintendo DS, which continues to sell well around the world.
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