Red Steel 3 announced?

by: Sean Colleli -
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According to VG247, a scan of French Nintendo Magazine reveals that Red Steel 3 is in production. Not only that, but it will use the Wii Vitality Sensor. Remember the Vitality Sensor? It was a bizarre little peripheral announced at Nintendo's E3 09 press conference, and Nintendo has revealed absolutely zippo about it since--no release date, software, or even what it'll be used for.

Supposedly, this information was revealed in an interview with Red Steel 2's art director Jason Vandenberghe. If this is true, not only is it great news but it turns the Vitality Sensor from Nintendo's latest facepalm generator into a really cool peripheral. Satoru Iwata has made some vague comments about relaxation games using the sensor, but a pulse-pounding application in Red Steel 3? after what Ubi Paris did with WiiMotion Plus in Red Steel 2, I can only imagine the creative uses they could find for the Vitality Sensor.

Regardless of any Vitality Sensor features, it's great to get even a rumor that Red Steel 3 is happening. Red Steel 2 was the most fun I've had gaming in years, and if Jason Vandenberghe is on board to helm a third entry, I'm already excited. Jason's enthusiasm and vision were a big part of the last game's defining artistic direction and gameplay, so if he's involved a third game is almost guaranteed to be good. Keep your eyes peeled for more news--hopefully we'll get confirmation on this soon, and a first look at E3 this year.
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