Red Orchestra 2 gets pushed back.

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Tripwire had to break some bad news to gamers who are awaiting the launch of their upcoming title Red Orchestra 2 by informing us all that the game will be pushed back a couple of weeks.  While it's never a shock to those of us in the industry and the consumer market to hear of a game going through delays, it is a bit surprising that this news is coming within just four weeks of launch.  Usually, this means that a beta test did not go well and there were some major bugs that needed to be fixed.  Most people have mixed reactions to news like this, and that depends on how anxious you are to get your hands on the title.  In the long run, it isn't a bad idea to make sure that you get as many kinks worked out as possible.
Shifting Battle Lines - Red Orchestra 2 Launch Moves To September 13, 2011
8 August 2011, Roswell, GA

Roswell, GA:   Tripwire Interactive today announces that the release date for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is shifting back two weeks to September 13, 2011. While we understand the fans are clamoring to get their hands on the game, we felt we needed the extra two weeks to get it right and add the extra polish the game (and the players) deserve. 

About Tripwire Interactive
Based in Roswell, Georgia, Tripwire Interactive is an entertainment software developer and publisher founded in 2005 by the award winning mod team and winners of the “$1,000,000 Make Something Unreal” competition. Released in early 2006, Tripwire Interactive’s debut retail title Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 has achieved both critical and commercial success garnering several awards including “Multiplayer Game of the Year” and “FPS of the Year” for 2006. With Red Orchestra ranking as one of the most played PC Multiplayer games in the world and over 500,000 units sold on PC, Tripwire Interactive have proven that with hard work, determination, and great distribution partners, independent game developers can still make a big splash in the games industry.
Killing Floor, Tripwire’s second title, jumped straight to the top of the Steam best-seller list and instantly became one of the top-ten most played FPS games in the world, with sales now approaching the 1 million mark. Tripwire published Killing Floor in North America, expanding on that base by publishing ACE’s award-winning Zeno Clash, with other third-party games to follow. For more information visit Tripwire Interactive’s website at
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