Recent iPhone OS game updates

by: Dan -
More On: Eliminate Ace Combat Xi Skies of Incursion Ridge Racer Accelerated
There have been a ton of game and game related Apps that have been updated recently, so here is a small list of the ones I am aware of and what the updates were for:

GameFly GameCenter:
-Update to 1.1.5 on 1/28/2010
-Up to 7,000 titles in App
-Added Xbox, GBA and GameCube choices
-Improved Search
-Big Fixes

ACE Combat Xi Skies of Incursion
-Update to v1.1.1 1/26/2010
-Improved Game Controls
-Added new mission “Air Combat Challenge” for in-app purchase

Ridge Racer Accelerated
-Updated on 1/11/2010
-Improved difficulty level
-Reset save data big fixed

-Updated on 1/19/2010
-multiple bug fixes
-Updated Facebook Functionality
-Added Facebook Share option

Eliminate Pro
-Update to v1.1.1 on 1/20/2010
-New option to turn camera momentum on/off for better aiming
-Faster Login times
-Improved friend lobby chat

There you have it.  If you haven't played one of these titles recently, you may want to update it.
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