Really Capcom... a Smurf game?!?!?!

by: Jeremy -
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Perhaps this is what pushed Inafune-san over the edge? Capcom has revealed a new iOs game that will launch on the iPhone and iPad this month: Smurf’s Village. Yes, those Smurfs...

Smurf’s Village is being developed and released to correspond and promote with the Smurf movie that is hitting theaters this holiday season. The game requires players to rebuild their village following an attack by Gargamel. Players will be faced with an assortment of tasks including building houses, planting and cultivating gardens, and plenty more. All of the classic Smurf characters are included in the game and each of the main stays such as Smurfette and Papa Smurf have their own individual minigame for players to play.

Capcom is offering the game at no charge but players will have the option to purchase “Smurfberries” so that they can expedite many of the game’s processes. This is the same free to play, pay to prosper system utilized by many social networking games now days (I am looking at you Farmville). You can check out a few screenshots of the game below, courtesy of Pocket Gamer

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