Real Time Strategy teams up with time travel!

by: Sean Cahill -
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RTS fans will be pleased to hear that Hazardous Studios is combining their favorite genre with the ability to time travel in the upcoming title, Achron.  We've all wondered just how awesome it would be to go forward or backward in time (of course, you have to worry about that little thing called the butterfly effect) and see things that weren't possible.  It appears that Hazardous is building upon that vision and installing it into a game that requires every element that makes RTS the challenge that it is.  It's an interesting and unique concept, something that I feel is missing far too often in gaming today.  On top of the news of this game, Hazardous wants to give you the chance to compete in an open beta tournament as well.  Just more to enjoy for this upcoming title.
Today I am pleased to announce the release of the cinematic trailer for Achron, the first time travel RTS.
Set for a Q3 Launch for Windows, Steam, Mac, and Linux, Achron enables multiple players to engage in open warfare utilizing real true to life time travel elements.

Next week, Achron will begin our open beta tournament, and we would love to invite your readers to join in! 100 players will be chosen to compete; players can apply via a questionnaire on our website at
Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm EDT on Friday May 27:

For more information, including screenshots, video downloads, and quotes, visit our pitchengine at:

Achron features engaging competitive multiplayer, and an engaging 35 level single player campaign.
Powered by the innovative Resequence Engine, Achron features true to life time travel consequences, paradoxes, and strategy. The time manipulation technology powering Achron is making huge ripples in the serious gaming community, including military, business, and education.
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