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iOpener Media and SimBin recently hosted a beta test of their Real Time Racing sim in Zolder, Belgium.  The software lets players race against real racers in real time, in addition to the racing game staple of "ghost data" races.  The Simbin devs tested their game and the iOpener data transfer with the Moritz Racing Team. There's still some work to be done but the developers said the data they gathered from this test was promising.


The initial selected group of Beta testers experienced thrilling action in the Real-Time
Racing Game (RTR), competing from behind their PCs at home against
professional race drivers on track.


During the test day at the Racetrack in Zolder (Belgium) the first Real-Time Racing public test took place
 and started off with a resounding bang! The Moritz Racing Team came to the event with three powerful
GT race cars equipped with the patented iOpener Enabled technology.


Reviewing the first testing experience Andy Lürling (CEO iOpener Media) said:” It was an great first event.
The RTR Game preformed well and the data supplied by iOpener was transferred to the gamers as planned.
Of course it was a first test and some details have to be worked on. We have to evaluate the test
some more but I can already say that we are sure we have reached our first milestone for the RTR game
and the implemented iOpener enabled feature.”


Henrik Roos (CEO of SimBin) complements: “Not to forget the overwhelming initial feedback from
the gamers! To quote one ‘this game has great potential and already brings the racetrack to your home.
’ This already shows the enthusiasm with which the beta gamers enjoy RTR.”


The second live event on 24 October is just around the corner and for the occasion many more Beta testers
will be selected during the coming week. Andy
Lürling is of the opinion “that many people will be signing up
since the next live event is taking place during the FIA GT weekend” promising all participants
“160 minutes of pure adrenalin”.


Race fans not yet signed up can do so at and secure their chance of being selected
for the FIA GT event or upcoming race events.

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