Ready for yet another Lunar remake?

by: Jeremy -
More On: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
 Has any single game been remade more times than the original Lunar: Silver Star Story?  The game is prepping for the release of yet another update in the form of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PlayStation Portable on March 2, 2010.  The game, an update to the truly classic Sega CD game, will be available in both standard and collector's issues in both retail and digitally on the PlayStation Network two days later (the standard version at least). 
The game, whose localization was handled by Xseed, is a complete rehash of the old game with new graphics and remastered audio.  If you have never played the original Lunar game, you are really missing out as this is my favorite RPG of all time.  Gamers who choose to buy the collector's edition of the game will get a copy of the game soundtrack and a set of collectible cards.  Xseed also wants gamers to know that there is a demo of the game available on the PlayStation Network now, which unlocks bonus items that can be carried over to the full version of the game.  Check it out...
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