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Do you like creepy, atmospheric games?  Then Asylum might be right up your alley.  From the designer of Scratches, Asylum will allow players to explore the Hanwell Mental Institute, a place that's seen better years.  The video below gives you just a glimpse at some of the areas that will be in the final game that's scheduled for a late 2011 release.  Stay tuned as we'll certainly receive more information between now and then.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — November 1, 2010. A new video from Senscape debuted this Halloween (on Sunday no less) showing disturbing new views of the Hanwell Mental Institute, the huge building were Asylum takes place. This horror adventure authored by Agustín Cordes, designer of the popular and award-winning Scratches, is set to be released in late 2011, and in the meantime there are plenty of exciting things ready to be unearthed, this bloodcurdling tour of Hanwell being one of the first. "Just to put things into perspective, this video shows only a small fraction of all the unsettling places that players will be able to explore next year in Asylum," said Agustín.

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About Senscape
Founded in 2010 by Agustín Cordes and based in Argentina, Senscape aims to become a key company of independently developed video games and in particular the adventure genre. To achieve this, Agustín has assembled an outstanding team of professionals hailing from many different industries and committed to bring only the best quality to its works. Senscape strives to merge technical prowess with compelling stories that provide rewarding and unforgettable experiences. For more information, please visit:

About Hanwell Mental Institute
For decades, the Hanwell Mental Institute has been housing patients of many ages with diverse degrees of mental illness. The institute admits feeble-minded men and women who are not fit for society under excellent conditions and nursing, with a high recovery rate thanks to advanced treatments pioneered by the universally acclaimed psychologist Dr. Ann Ebersbacher. Even patients with extreme mental disorders have shown positive progress and are now able to enjoy a full life inside the walls of the institute. Many others have returned to their families, ready to face new challenges and experiences in their improved conditions. For more information, please visit:
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