Razer introduces four new surfaces for your mouse to glide on

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Razer's coming out with not one, not two, not three, but four new surfaces ranging in price and features. For those that want some new mouse surfaces to try out, here are four of the ones you can choose from. They are all set for release in Q4 of this year and are all optimized for the various sensors out there.

First up is the Razer Invicta. This mouse features two different surfaces and you can flip between the two depending on if you want a slick surface or a rough surface. The Invicta will be available for $59.99.

The Manticor, coming in at $49.99, is constructed from one single sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum. It's been sand blasted for a very smooth finish.

For the Destructor 2, they've went and put on a a brand new surface coating. The cost will be $39.99 when it's released.

Finally, the Megasoma 2 is a hybrid silicon soft/hard mat. It's designed for precision, yet soft for comfort. This will also be $39.99 when released.

Razer makes some solid surfaces and I don't think you can go wrong with anyone of them. You can even check out the making of the Invicta below. It's a pretty cool video that goes into the various steps on making an Invicta and how much effort goes into creating a solid mouse pad.

World’s mouse technology leader launches four all-new mouse mats

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Oct. 22, 2012 – RazerTM, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, today launched its new 2013/2014 lineup of mouse mats: the Razer Invicta, Razer Manticor, Razer Destructor 2 and Razer Megasoma 2. These mats were engineered with new construction methods to provide an unprecedented level of finish, and were treated with all-new performance-boosting sensor-reactive surface coatings, selected after extensive research into the most precise and responsive treatments and materials.

“Most gaming mouse mat companies today fill their boxes with marketing jargon and slap an image of a pro-gamer on the side of the package; however, designing a true gaming surface requires in-depth knowledge of mousing sensor technologies, extensive testing and validation by professional gamers,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer.  “For the first time ever, we are letting gamers in on the design process of a Razer gaming mouse mat, and sharing the inside track on how our industry leading user interface technology and experience allows us to design the very best gaming surfaces in the world.”

All Razer surfaces are optimized for optical, laser and dual-sensor mouse tracking performance, and they are put through rigorous qualitative processes, including mouse sensor lift-off, acceleration and precision tests.  Robot arms move mice across the mats, monitoring the devices to ensure surface textures meet Razer’s strict requirements for precise glide and control.    

Razer also offers an unfair gaming advantage by allowing users to optimally calibrate their Razer gaming mouse to mouse mat.  Through Razer Synapse 2.0, a pioneering cloud-based software, the user’s gaming mouse will record the mat’s specific texture and details in order to enhance mouse responsiveness and in-game accuracy.

In conjunction with the launch of these four new mouse mats, Razer is also presenting a making-of video that delves into the design, technology and craftsmanship of the incredible Razer Invicta.  Interested parties may watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdaMfLoatGs or learn more about the science behind Razer surfaces at www.razerzone.com/scienceofsurfaces.

Razer Invicta – Versatility of Choice
The Razer Invicta offers gamers a choice between ultra-fast mousing speed and meticulous control, all on one mat.  Users are able to flip between a slick-smooth surface and a rough one to get the exact play style to match a game, whether it requires accurate headshots or twitch gameplay.

Razer Manticor – The Smoothest Glide Yet
The Razer Manticor is uniquely stamped and sandblasted out of a single sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum to offer the smoothest, most effortless glide under one’s gaming mouse.

Razer Destructor 2 – Maximum Precision and Feel
The Razer Destructor 2 builds on the success of its predecessor by delivering enhanced, ultra-precise mouse tracking with an all-new sensor-reactive surface coating. It offers optimal reflective quality for next-gen sensors, while its proprietary micro-textures provide a more comfortable mousing experience.

Razer Megasoma 2 – Soft Touch, Hard Control
The Razer Megasoma 2’s highly stable silicon surface is a revolution of engineering, bringing together the consistent precision of a hard mat, with the exquisite comfort of a soft one.

About the Razer Invicta:

Versatility of play style is important, especially in today’s ever-evolving, competitive gaming landscape. As such, the Razer Invicta builds on the innovation of its predecessor, the Razer Vespula, to offer users a choice between pinpoint control and neck-breaking speed all on one mat. Go from executing precise headshots to twitch gameplay and back by quickly flipping the mat from one side to the other.

Price: USD$59.99/ EU €59.99
Availability: Exclusively on Razerzone.com – pre-order now

Product features:

    SPEED surface for fast mouse movements
    CONTROL surface for precise mouse movements
    Optimized surface coating for highly-responsive mouse tracking
    Robust aluminum baseplate
    Product dimensions: 255 mm/10.04 in. (w) x 355 mm /13.98 in. (l) x 4.5mm/0.18 in. (h)
For more information about the Razer Invicta, please visit www.razerzone.com/invicta.

About the Razer Manticor Gaming Mouse Mat:

Elevated to a new level of exceptional design and engineering, the Razer Manticor delivers an effortless glide under your gaming mouse. Uniquely stamped and sandblasted out of a single sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum, and specially treated with a sensor-reactive coating for absolute precision, hand and mouse will feel as if they are floating to victory.

Price: USD$49.99/ EU €49.99

Razerzone.com – pre-order now
Worldwide – Q4 2012

Product features:

    Ultra-smooth, sandblasted surface
    Robust aluminum unibody
    Thinner, wider profile
    Non-slip rubber base
    Product dimensions: 255 mm/10.04 in. (w) x 355 mm/13.98 in. (l) x 2.2 mm/0.09 in. (h)
For more information about the Razer Manticor, please visit www.razerzone.com/manticor.

About the Razer Destructor 2:

The original Razer Destructor established the standard for exceptional pro-gaming performance with its ultra-precise mouse tracking surface. Today, the Razer Destructor 2 was born to focus on sharpening that precision to a point. It comes with an all-new surface coating that responds instantaneously to the sensor as mouse glides over mat, ensuring a feeling of absolute control over your every movement in-game.

Price: USD$39.99/ EU €39.99
Razerzone.com – pre-order now
Worldwide – Q4 2012

Product features:

    Optimized surface coating for highly responsive tracking
    Micro-textured finish for balanced gameplay
    Non-slip rubber base
    Product dimensions: 255 mm/10.04 in. (w) x 355 mm/13.98 in. (l) x 2.2 mm/0.09 in. (h)
For more information about the Razer Destructor 2, please visit www.razerzone.com/destructor2.

About the Razer Megasoma 2:

The Razer Megasoma became a worldwide phenomenon as a revolutionary hybrid soft/hard mat that delivers the comfort and flexibility of the former, with the precision of the latter.  The Razer Megasoma 2 returns with a complete overhaul of design and construction, improving surface stability for marked improvements in mouse control.

Price: USD$39.99/ EU €39.99
Availability: Exclusively on Razerzone.com – Q4 2012

Product features:
·      Hybrid silicon soft/hard mat
·      Specialized texture design for comfort and precision
·      Durable anti-static, anti-fraying surface
·      Non-slip rubber base
·      Product dimensions: 230 mm/9.06 in. (w) x 350 mm/13.79 in. (l) x 2.3 mm/0.09 in. (h)
For more information about the Razer Megasoma 2, please visit www.razerzone.com/megasoma2
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