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So apparently Raven's Cry is all set to be the most authentic pirate game in all of existence - I guess because it's not based on a Disney theme park ride.  

To me, however, it looks exactly like how I imagine pirates on the rare occasions I actually think about them.  Men in pointy hats?  Check.  Hook hands?  Check.  Swords?  Check.  Wildly inaccurate pistols?  Check.  Anything that's not exactly like every other pirate cliché I know of?  Not so much.  They'd better watch themselves lest the BBB label them as "false advertisers" just so people will talk about the BBB again.

Anyway....  Raven's Cry is about the unlikely named Christopher Raven (Do you think he's related to Russell Crowe?) as he hunts for the men that that killed his family.    

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First Gameplay-Trailer of Raven’s Cry released

+++ Video shows raw Pirate-Action from the upcoming title+++

Karlsruhe, Germany April 30th 2012 – TopWare Interactive has promised to challenge the image of pirates in popular culture with “Raven’s Cry”, and today’s official gameplay trailer marks the beginning of that venture.

The video shows the first early gameplay footage of the pirate revenge tale. “Raven’s Cry” is the story of Christopher Raven, a lost soul haunted by his own inner demons as he hunts for the men who murdered his family in the 17th century Caribbean.

Forget what you know about pirates. TopWare Interactive is about to crack history wide open and retell the Caribbean’s darkest chapter with an authenticity unseen in today’s Hollywood films, showing this period of vengeance, violence, and greed unchained through a more honest, blood-spattered lens than ever before. The way of the pirate will rise again.

More Information about "Raven's Cry" coming soon. Release pending for PC, Xbox360™ and Playstation 3®.
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