Rare reveals new countdown game

by: Jeremy -
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Wait a minute? You mean this isn’t the actual game... but a countdown to the reveal of a new game? Oh, I get it...

The new look Rare has revealed a big countdown on their official homepage which looks to expire upon the start of the E3 conference. Did they really need to do this? Wouldn’t it be a safe bet that one of the major studios in the industry had “something” on tap for reveal at the conference?

There are about a million different directions that this announcement could go. The likely result is going to be something that falls in line with the company’s recent rebranding and new focus on on the casual style brands. Hints to that include the inclusion of an XBL avatar on the countdown page. The fanboy in me is begging for a new Killer Instinct, which I know isn’t that original of an idea but something that I really, really would like to see.

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