Rage in the Dead City

by: Sean Colleli -
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I've haven't been as focused on Rage as I've been with past Id games. As an old-school Doomer I'm still a big Id fan--I've always liked them better than Valve for some reason--but Rage just hasn't lit my board, until this trailer. Previously the Mad Max stuff kind of turned me off, but the atmosphere in the Dead City really struck me. This kind of desolate post apocalyptic setting, so lonely and latently hostile, is something I groove on in games, whether it's the creepy isolation of Metroid or just the chilly atmosphere of an obscure game like You Are Empty.

I'm glad Id is making this game much more cinematic and evocative than Doom 3. Games have reached a graphical point of diminishing returns where looking prettier than the other guy just doesn't cut it anymore--there has to be some real art there, a game has to visually strike you on an emotional level. With graphics hitting that plateau, gameplay also has to do something unique or at least more enjoyable. I'm glad Rage is ditching the two-gun-limit and ADS obsession established by Halo and Call of Duty, respectfully. Hopefully Id will demonstrate that you don't have to leap onto the bandwagon to make a good shooter, and maybe they'll introduce the FPS to some new tricks too. If anyone can do it, they can.

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