RUMOR: Vince Young to be Madden 08 cover athlete? San Diego fans rejoice

by: Chuck -
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According to a Nashville newspaper, Titan's QB Vince Young will be the cover athlete for Madden 08.  This is certainly a large relief for San Diego Charger fans who were concerned that Ladamien "I'm the NFL MVP" Tomlinson would be the cover athlete and thus be subject to the infamous Madden curse.   It's an interesting move as Vince Young played well last year but I'm still a little surprised that he beat out LT and Payton Manning.  For evidence of the Madden curse you just have to look at what happened to Shaun Alexander last year and what's happened to the Cleveland Browns since they appeared on the cover. What, the Browns have never been on the cover....

Thanks to NeoGaf for the link.
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