RUMOR: Perfect Dark XBLA launch imminent

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Take this one with a grain of salt, but according to Electronic Theatre, 4J Studios' Xbox Live Arcade remake of Perfect Dark is closer to a release date than previously thought. Major Nelson tweeted a while back that the game still had quite a bit of development left, but this new rumor pegs its release as early as late January or the first week of February.

Rare denies the rumor but that's par for the course, especially for the press-shy Rare. 4J is doing a total overhaul of the graphics and adding online multiplayer, but the game was announced back at E3 so I can't imagine it has too much farther to go. I'm a huge fan of the original N64 game so I can't wait to relive it on my 360.

Check back for more Perfect Dark news. If I hear anything else, I'll be sure to post it.
Rumor: Perfect Dark gets pricing, possible release by February
via VG247 by Stephany Nunneley on 1/13/10


According to a report over on Electronic Theatre, the Xbox Live version of Perfect Dark is “pretty much finished” and could see a release during “the last week of January” or in early February.

“The work is pretty much finished… as far as I’m aware, the conversion has been complete for some time now,” a representative intimately involved with the Xbox Live network told the site.

“We’re expecting a release very soon, there’s been talk that the game would launch in either the last week of January or beginning of February.

“Logic would suggest that it’s safe to assume [January 27 or February 4] would probably be the case, though of course with such a high profile title, all parties involved would like to ensure the release doesn’t clash with any other big games.

“It is expected to run 1200 MSP [which] I thought that would have been obvious by now.”

RARE has said previously that the title would be released in the “winter”, which it is now, and followed-up with Twitter posts citing an “early 2010” release.

In response to the report over on ET, RARE tweeted “No, afraid not” to the information, so we’ll keep it listed as rumor until something official is revealed.
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