RUMOR: PSP2 announcement on January 27th

by: John -
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Two sites have come out and said that Sony will announce the PSP2 on January 27th. Both VG247 and MCV claim that Sony will be holding a press event that day to let loose the new hand held.

I'm not one to have owned a PSP and I only know of one person that has one in my circle of friends, and that's just because it has Darth Vader on it. When I first saw both the PSP and DS at E3 many years ago, I was a lot more impressed with Sony's offering. I didn't even give the DS any thought. Who would've thought that I would own and play the DS and have never thought about picking up a PSP many years later.

If the PSP2 is announced in a few weeks, I hope it gets a lot more support than the PSP has.
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