RUMOR: Next Xbox to be announced next year at E3

by: John -
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This year we had the Wii U, but next year could be Microsoft's turn. BGR said they got confirmation that the next Xbox will be unveiled at E3 2012.

Supposedly, the new console has been in development since 2006. Of course, no time frame was given for launch so it could be another year off, just like how Nintendo is doing now.

Myself, I was kind of expecting for them to announce a new console next year and if this holds true, then it should be a fun year to speculate on what Microsoft will be doing. I know Microsoft wanted Kinect to push the Xbox 360's lifespan for another 5 years and it is possible to do so as the PlayStation 2 is an example of a console that was still being supported well after the successor was unleashed.

Now, the question to you is, what do you want to see in the next Microsoft Xbox? For starters, how about getting rid of their strangle hold on wireless controllers and hard drives. Probably won't happen as Microsoft makes a ton of money off of them, but one can dream.
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