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RUMOR: Is Valve readying a new Counter-Strike?

by: John -
More On: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Sorry Valve fans, the story isn't about the next Half-Life. But, it IS about a follow up to an awesome, awesome game. There are rumors about that today Valve will be talking about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. What's that you say?

ESEA News has what they are saying will be talked about. To come out next year, the game will run on an updated Source engine and focus on 5v5. New guns and grenades will be introduced with updated maps of two of my favorites: Dust and Aztec. This time around, ammo will be free, which is an interesting change if that does turn out to be true.

If this turns out to be true, count me in as one jumping back into the fray. I used to spend countless hours rescuing hostages and defusing bombs while walking around with an AWP. Let's hope this rumor turns out to be true.

Thanks Kotaku.