RUMOR: GeForce GTX 580 coming on November 9th for $599

by: John -
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Rumors abound t hat the next great NVIDIA graphics card is coming in five days. VR Zone stumbled upon a posting for a GeForce GTX 580 priced at $599 and coming out on November 9th.

This is expected to wrestle with AMD's Cayman chipset of cards (AMD Radeon HD 6900 series) for the lead on the performance crown. Will it be a paper launch or a hard launch? We'll see in a few days I guess but the listing would suggest it to more of a hard launch.

Between the specification rumors and the pricing and release date rumor for today, we should know soon. I've shot off an email to my NVIDIA rep to see if there's any comments on this but I'm pretty sure we'll get the usual, "We don't comment on rumors." spiel.
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