RUMOR: Force Unleashed 3 gets Force choked

by: John -
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According to Kotaku, the new president of LucasArts, Paul Meegan, isn't wasting time. Without even seeing how well Force Unleashed II is going to do, there's rumors that he has canceled work on the third game in the series. If you're on the Force Unleashed II team, you better update your resume as it looks like a good lot of you are out of a job after the game's done.

Another project, that's not named, has been put on hold until further notice. You should also expect all external development to end as they seem to be looking to bring all their projects in house. Kotaku assumes  that would mean the end of LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, or any hope of LEGO Willow, LEGO Tucker, or LEGO THX 1138.

Sounds like pretty big changes are coming to the studio. No word if Paul donned a black robe after taking over the studio as president and if he appointed an apprentice yet.
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