RUMOR: All signs pointing to Dead Rising 3

by: Jeremy -
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Over the past week or so, Capcom has been leaking out hints and clues to a possible third installment in the Dead Rising series. Nothing is official at this point, but it appears as if Dead Rising 3 is a reality judging by the following bits of information.

First off, Frank West (in character obviously) posted an interesting message on the game’s official Facebook page back on December 7 and said

“I’m getting packing for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would i need for a break in paradise? - Frank”

Following the statement posted on Facebook, numerous leaks started popping up, reportedly out of Capcom which detailed a new game set in sunny California. Supposedly, the new game will be set in a town called Los Perdidos and star a hard-working auto mechanic named Rick. The story is being rumored to focus on the player, Rick, working to restore a damaged airplane so that he and a cast of survivors can flee the city before the government sets off a massive bomb intended to wipe out the zombie outbreak.

Being set in California, Capcom is also rumored to hit on some controversial topics such as immigration and deportation. Capcom has yet to offer any sort of official statement on the game or the reported leaks, so everything has to be taken as a rumor at this point.

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