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by: Sean Colleli -
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After a long period of drought, the DS is finally seeing some more quality RPGs.  Children of Mana will be a must-buy for any fans of the epic series, but Magical Starsign is something new and fresh for DS players.  Both games should warm the hearts of turn-based fanatics everywhere, or at least keep them satisfied until Final Fantasy III hits.
Magical Starsign(TM)  Children of
Mana(R)  To the average person, these game names might sound like they 
portend the resurgence of the Age of Aquarius.  But for video game fans, they 
mean something great for Nintendo DS(TM).  Within a one-week span, starting
Oct. 25, two epic role-playing games for the portable Nintendo DS will hit 
stores.  And then the adventures begin.
    Many people consider role-playing games the most in-depth genre of games.  
Games like Magical Starsign and Children of Mana involve deep storylines that 
let players take on the roles of their characters and make decisions affecting 
the plot direction.  Children of Mana builds on a popular role-playing 
franchise, while Magical Starsign introduces a new game to the genre.
    "Nintendo DS is the growth driver for the video game industry, with a 
healthy lineup of games for all types of consumers," says George Harrison, 
Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate 
communications.  "Role-playing games demonstrate Nintendo's commitment to 
providing incredible games to yet another group of fans, especially those who 
enjoy deep storylines."
    Magical Starsign takes the traditional magic and fantasy elements of
role-playing games into space.  Students from a magical academy head into 
space to find a missing teacher.  Players gain experience and power as they 
use the system's touch screen to choose attacks and targets.  Each character 
has a sign linked to one of the planets indicating what type of magic he or 
she can use.  As the planets shift in the skies, players must adapt their 
attacks as one type of magic fades and another rises in strength.
    Children of Mana follows the story of a band of heroes who try to keep the 
magic of the Mana Tree from being corrupted by evil.  Players use hundreds of 
gems to customize their characters with new abilities suiting their 
preferences and preparing them for upcoming attacks.  Both games contain 
multiplayer elements that let friends play through these epic stories 
    Magical Starsign, Rated E for Everyone, will be available Oct. 25, while 
Children of Mana, Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older, will be available
Nov. 1.
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