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RIP AndyMan - your help wanted

by: Chuck -
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On July 18th Columbus lost an institution as Any "Andyman" Davis drowned in Michigan while on vacation with his family.  For those of you who don't live in the area (and don't listen to CD101 over the internet) Andyman was the voice to CD101's afternoon drive time show as well as the man behind the Andymanathon where he would stay on the airwaves for 48 hours to raise money for Children's Hospital.

He was more than just a DJ though, he was a passionate hockey fan, a dedicated family man, and an all around nice guy.  What people don't know is that Andy was a fairly hardcore Halo fan and the main organizer of the Halo 3 launch event CD101 put together a few years back.  I had the chance to spend the evening with the guy just playing games and you could feel the magnetism the guy had even while he was shoving a plasma sword through your back.  Andy was also the program director at CD101 so I'm guessing he was at least partially responsible for me doing my on-air segment there for three years.

I've held out on posting this because there's always a big initial rush of support that tapers off after a week or two and I would like to keep this going as Andy leaves behind his wife and three sons who could use your support.  You can make donations by dropping off a check at the CD101 offices or at a local Huntington bank.  If you're not local you can donate money online via PayPal at the CD101 website.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.