R-Type finally hitting Androids

by: Dan -
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It has taken a while, but R-Type has finally made its way to the Android marketplace from publisher DotEmu after about a year after hitting Apple’s iOS. The original game has been seen on many platforms since its 1987 release, including recent incarnations on the aforementioned iOS, Sony’s PSN, Nintendo’s Virtual Console and Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

The Android version contains many pieces of the original game including two difficulty levels, touch controls and the following:

• A large amount of items and powers-up to collect through various and sharpened sets.
• Strong enemies and bosses at the end of each level (8 altogether).
• The famous « charge shot » for more power!
• Share your results with your friends with OpenFeint!

Check out some screens and a trailer of the game, which is now available on the Android Marketplace for $2.99.

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