Qwikster is dead…Netflix is a ship without a rudder…

by: Dan -
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At this point, I almost hate reporting this stuff as it is just way too easy to take shots at a company that acts like it doesn’t know what the hell it is doing. And guess what, Netflix doesn’t know what the hell it is doing. After hitting their subscriber base with two subscription increases (they claim they are done) in 2011 and then announcing a massive overhaul to the business a few weeks ago, Netflix CEO Reed Hatsings chucked the companies planned split and new name and will keep everything as it was. Except the rate hike.

While I applaud them for correcting a mistake anyone with half a brain knew would be bad for business, the fact that they even went that route to begin leaves absolutely no confidence Netflix can continue to grow the business and add new content beyond what their current contracts call for. I guess we will see at the end of this year when the Starz contract ends if Netflix will be able to replace them with better and more current streaming content.

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