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Question of the week: What will you be playing ... in 2019?

by: Randy -
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Ten years ago, very few individuals could've accurately predicted Guitar Hero, WiiFit, voice commands in Tom Clancy's EndWar, or the fact that we're not all wearing virtual reality tiaras around our foreheads.  And where's my Back to the Future hoverboard and flying car already?  With those advancements--or lack thereof--in mind:

What will you be playing (and/or what will you be playing on) ten years from now, in 2019?

Adam Dodd:  In 2019 I can see us playing on a single unified console (no console war + less fanboys = a very bright future).  The current movement towards 3D gaming will lead to a lot of advancements in that technology, so I can see that becoming a feature in the unified console, perhaps the WiiPS360?  I could also see gamers playing a game like World of Warcraft, but they're actually the characters in the game (like a highly advanced and completely immersive virtual reality).  I think I just had a nerdgasm - excuse me.  (Currently playing Killzone 2 and I even returned to the world of Diablo II.)

Randy Kalista:  Regarding popular culture (don't take that term too negatively in this context) there comes a time when a person has to draw the proverbial line.  The comedy-duo hijinks in the Blues Brothers will never be bested.  All gangsta rap after 1994 is garbage.  Any "flarf" poetry post-2004 has entirely lost its way.  Don't ask.  I, however, am not one of those line-drawing people, so I don't believe I'll be dileniating any do-not-cross cordones when it comes to video games and what I'll be playing in 2019.  Assassin's Creed 4 will finally be wrapping production (despite it being a "planned trilogy"), and I'll be pissed that the variety in gameplay has never evolved beyond the same three climb-stuff/save-harrassed-citizen/stab-target missions.  Plus, running across the plains of the Midwest in the 1700's will prove to be a dull environment for Altair's black-belt parkour skills.  Then I'll dig into Mass Effect 3.5: Shepard Still Isn't Dead, Yet Again that I cloud-loaded directly from my 10-year-old still-laggy-as-all-get-out OnLive account, and stepping under and into my 360-degree Stardock-branded "lampshade" monitor.  (Currently playing Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising and Fallout 3, slowly but surely.) 

Dan Keener
:  Three Words:  Duke...Nukem...Forever.  (Currently playing Hasbro Family Game Night, My Pet Shop, Inspector Gadget and Rock Band 2.)

Nathan MurrayTetris.

Sean Nack:  Providing the world isn't a charred cinder due to Tom Clancy's incredible ability to predict the future (Ghost Recon: Russia invades Georgia in 2008, GRAW: civil war in Mexico), I hope to continue playing games built under his licenses, such as Rainbow Six: Manhattan or Ghost Recon: Italy (not likely to be a failed state, but a great place to fight in). Or Far Cry 4, wherein it's built around a Fallout-ish RPG/FPS hybrid that would allow you to actually work for different factions and do more side quests. And certainly Fable 5, reimagining industrial, urbanized Albion as a steampunk nightmare. Hopefully, consoles will still be using a fairly traditional controller; all that I'm-flailing-about-playing-a-Wii business isn't my thing.  (Currently playing nothing until I get my beautiful TV fixed.  Viziooooooo!