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Question of the Week: Your perfect E3 press conference?

by: Randy -
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What would be your perfect press conference for E3 from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, or any combination of the three?

Ben Berry:  I've been to each of the Big 3's press conferences during my visits to E3, and here are the essentials to the press conferences:
Sony -
*Announce 3 games coming out THIS YEAR that make your system a must buy. When your high end box cost $100 more than nearest competitor, the fact that it has Blu Ray just isn't reason enough anymore with the drop in Blu Ray player pricing.
* Figure out what this system is supposed to be, and then market it like mad. One single, unifying message, and start the marketing push at this presser. In fact, make the room match the colors of the ads even. You aren't going to beat the Wii for pulling in non-traditional gamers, so just focus on what you do best and help the mothership bring in some money.
Wii -
* Announce a downloadable patch that will allow players to switch between games that do or do not utilize Wii Motion Plus without having to remove it.
* Do NOT announce Wiimotes with the Wii Motion Plus built in, but start making them now, with plans to drop the new ones for Christmas.
* Announce several vendors dropping higher-end WiiFit games THIS YEAR. It's a great tool, make us use it.

Microsoft -
* Fill the "Halo Hole"
* Announce the 360 motion controller.
* keep on keepin on - don't fix what isn't broken
In terms of general points:
* Pick rooms that will more than fit the press in attendance. My first Nintendo conference where the "Revolution" was announced was so crowded the Fire Marshall almost cancelled it.
* Food before hand. The pressers NEVER start on time and always run long. A happily snack filled media will be far more likely to pick up on the final points of the presentation than a bunch of grumpy folks with low blood sugar
* Have demos ready to go, handed out to the press on the way out the door.
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Sean Colleli:  My E3 blue-skying?

Microsoft--nothing big really from MS per-se, some Mass Effect 2 stuff would be nice.  I'm more concerned with Rare. Come on Rare, I want a real Perfect Dark sequel with all the trimmings, none of that cartoony prequel stuff. If you want to make me super happy, a bunch of old N64 games on XBLA would be wonderful, and if you want me to be ecstatic, announce a sequel to Jet Force Gemini.

Sony--I don't own a PS3 so I'm pretty much neutral, but a PSP Go! announcement might finally convince me to pick up the handheld, but only if it ditches the UMD format. Other than that a confirmation of Project Trico would be appreciated (that trailer was magical) and I really want Kojima to announce something besides another Metal Gear game. Snatcher anyone?

Nintendo--Oh jeez, where to begin. I'm wrapping up an entire editorial on this subject but in a nutshell, they better come out swinging after last year's unmitigated disaster. Nothing less than a new Zelda announce, a sequel to Mario Galaxy, a Game Boy virtual console for the otherwise worthless DSi, several meaningful applications for WiiMotionPlus and a new IP or two can make up for the 2008 embarassment.  I'd also like to see what Retro has been working on, and something about a new Kid Icarus (unlikely after the ugly Factor 5 business).  Nintendo have been really quiet about E3 so they obviously are keeping expectations low, but whenever they're this mum they usually have something good in store.  I'm cautiously optimistic but at this point Nintendo has all but lost the respect of the hardcore audience.  This is probably their last big chance to recapture that audience, at least in the Wii generation, so if they don't show they're serious about it this time then the hardcores are justified in writing them off.

Charles Husemann:  The perfect press conference is a combination of stuff we know, stuff we think we know, and one or two surprises. 

For Microsoft this would mean new Alan Wake footage, more Halo ODST than we can shake a stick at, new casual games (LIPS or whatever), motion controller, Gears of War 3 stuff, and whatever game they've backed up the money truck to secure exclusive rights to (Metal Gear Solid)

For Sony I would expect to see a lot of God of War 3, MAG, new Ratchet and Clank, a ton of Uncharted 2, their waggle controller, the PSP 2/Go!, a re-re-re-committment to the PSP, and some bone for the JRPG fans.

As for Nintendo I have no real expectations as they'll just play lip service to their fanbase while trotting out more mini-game collections and peripheral based games that third party developers will lose a ton of money on. 

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Randy Kalista:  Having never attended a big tentpole event like E3, my thoughts are being simply being scribbled on a blank slate.  But here's some of what I'd love to see, which is more or less a swag dump list.  For Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, they comission Ponies To Go and give gamers a little buckaroo time in front of the convention center.  Yay!  At Mass Effect 2, BioWare should hand out fake death certificates to attendees (the founders are doctors) in honor of Commander Shepard's supposed death.  A lucky few should get some full-on face mapping done over at Heavy Rain and have themselves transposed into five minutes of gameplay.  The Dante's Inferno guys give everyone a copy of The Divine Comedy, ask everyone to read it, then see if there are any questions as to why they had to turn Dante into a god of war.  A live record-scratching DJ battle at DJ Hero (I offer the X-Ecutioners vs. Invisible Scratch Pickles).  And an icy fighting ring with contenders in full hockey gear (keep the gloves on, Chuck) over at the mini NHL 10 rink.  And ... wow.  I just realized that a job in marketing would be fun!  If money were no liability and the waivers were all signed.  (Currently Playing:  Fable II: See the Future, Demigod, EVE Online: Apocrypha)

Matt Mirkovich:  This is going to be fun.

-Announces the Final Fantasy 7 remake is finally happening for real this time, along with a stone cold date for Final Fantasy 13.
-PSP Go! - Price Point and Release Date
-White Knight Chronicles out before Christmas
-More massive damage?

-Stay the course?
-A good JRPG from Square that isn't FFXIII.
-A good demo of DJ Hero/Scratch.
-Someone to explain what the hell Tony Hawk: RIDE is.

-Apologize to non-casual gamers.
-Fatal Frame 4 is happening in NA/EU
-Muramasa is the hottest thing ever, and we're going to hype it.
-Uniracers - it's back somehow.
-New/Remake Earthbound for Wii?
-A good JRPG.
-Apologize for waggle.

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Nathan Murray:  LOL tent pole.  Ahem.  I believe any and all press conferences are better when there is less talking and more viewing. Talking is what the interviews are for; press conferences are where you go to watch stuff. If Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo show more footage from games and don't spend the whole time explaining why those games are going to be the next big thing that would make for a very happy Nathan.  (Currently Playing: BattleForge, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (completed), Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (18 hours and counting), and soon UFC Undisputed Unleashed Unboxed or whatever un is in now-a-days)