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Independent's Day

Even though the Fourth of July is tomorrow, most of us have been hearing fireworks go off randomly outside for at least a week.  It's hard to keep a good firecracker down.  So, in the spirit of "Independent's Day" (see what I did there?), we're asking:

What's one indie game you enjoyed, or are looking forward to?

(Check check out or if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the indie scene.)

Randy Kalista:  My interest in iPhone gaming has waned considerably in the past few months.  In fact, you could comfortably and accurately translate "waned" as "nope, sorry, no longer interested."  With one exception. Zen Bound.  In the March review, I'd said something extravagant -- something floaty and flowery like, "It's the crown jewel of the iPhone."  But I can look back at that statement and have no regrets.  None.  It's a meditative game about wrapping rope around wooden sculptures, their origami angles sharpening with heightened difficulty levels.  And amidst the tsunami of indie developers still crashing the flood gates on iPhone, Secret Exit's Zen Bound is incomparable.  (Droplitz, The Sims 3, EVE Online)

Nathan Murray:  Well I would be the first to admit that Braid far surpassed my expectations and was all that Cyril claimed it to be. However the indie game that I have played that keeps me coming back for more (if not on a regular basis) is Audio Surf. The ability to accept multiple file types means that Audio Surf can use just about any music track on your hard drive and the multiple styles of play and the leader boards for the highest scores gives this game a lot of playability for a very low price.  (Currently Playing: Call of Duty 4, Battlefield: Bad Company (finished), Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP), Rock Band 2)

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What are you playing this week?
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